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Technology and Learning: The Ideal Combination!

Today we cannot imagine a single day without technology. The cinema has echoed this and now there are many films that address this topic. There are films that deal with the possibility of technology misusage, while others explain how was Facebook created, or even, some of them experiment with the concept of virtual reality, which by the way is closer to us more than ever thanks to the virtual reality headsets.

While full courses are the best way to learn and practice computer science, watching technology-related documentaries and television shows can be very beneficial. It presents you basic concepts and theories in an easy and fluent way. It can also expand your perspective and your thinking on the type of project you would like to do.

Movies based on technology themes

If you prefer a more futuristic plot, you can always watch Gattaca, which tells the story of a space study and a research center for young people with an impeccable genetic heritage. Since the theme is so broad, we have selected only 3 movies that make part of our top 3 best technology films, where amazing films like Matrix and Blade Runner stand out, along with the one we mentioned earlier, of course.

Top 3 of the selected films

Number 3: Gattaca

Filmed in 1997; In a perfect world, Gattaca is a research center for people with perfect (selected) gens. Jerome Morrow, the ideal candidate, sees his life destroyed by a terrible accident, while Vincent Freeman, conceived naturally, dreams of going into space.

Each of them will allow the other to achieve their dreams, defying the laws that govern Gattaca. When everything seems to go according to plan, a flight director is brutally murdered, thus compromising Jerome and Vincent’s plans.

Number 2: Blade Runner

Produced in 1982, the film is set in a very distant 2019 in the city of Los Angeles. This supposed future is dominated by huge skyscrapers and big neon billboards. In this context, the Tyrell company has developed a new robot prototype called the Nexus 6 or Replicant. The android has the identical appearance of a human being, but much stronger and skilled.

After an incident occurs where the robots escape, the Replicants are declared as outlaws and a special unit formed by “Blade Runners” is created. These are special police officers whose objective is to kill all of them.

Number 1: Matrix

The preferred go-to for tech lovers is, without a doubt, the Matrix trilogy. This trio of films written and directed by the Wachowski brothers are possibly one of the most emblematic of an era. Released in 1999, it tells the story of Neo, a hacker who has sensed his whole life that there is something more.

With many references to the world of hackers and special effects that served as a precedent for many films that followed, The Matrix is a must-watch. The first film in the saga talks about birth, the second about life and the third about death, so it is not uncommon to find a multitude of philosophical nuances in the trilogy.

We hope that this top 3 movies about technology and its evolution has been of your liking; and of course, this top doesn’t have to end here, you can tell us which ones you’d add or remove. Leave a comment and let us know!