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Top Ways to Keep Up with Your Favorite Shows When They Aren’t Airing

Got a TV show you love but don't know what to do when it is't on? Click here for some of the top ways you can still love it even when it isn't on the air.

TV shows are incredibly subjective and we can often find ourselves wanting to know more about them if they are not airing. Here are some of the things you can do if you want to keep up with everything surrounding your TV show even if it is not on the airwaves.

Check Out Some Themed Games

There are plenty of games out there which are based around our favourite shows and they can provide hours of fun and entertainment for those who want to try them out. For example, you could head over to NetBet for a chance to play the Game of Thrones game they have. It features many of the symbols you might recognize from the hit TV show and it should definitely be added to the list of any hardcore fan left waiting between the main series and the prequel next year.

Follow the Stars on Social Media

Thanks to popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, we can now closely interact with some of our favorite stars. From big actors to directors and writers to even pages dedicated to the shows themselves, we are closer to the shows than we ever have been before. You get an insight into their lives both on and off the sets and you could even interact with them through Q&As and other opportunities. It is the perfect way to feel a little bit closer to your favorite actors.

Check Out Supplementary Material

TV shows often have some sort of supplementary material for you to explore in- between the seasons. Whether this is a web series to hint at what is to come later or something completely different, there should be some interesting things for you to explore.

For example, Doctor Who has released a series of novels which explore more adventures between the Doctor and their companions than what appear in the TV show. If you have a particular love for a Doctor, you could look for the novels from their era. In particular, there are many novels with David Tennant’s Doctor and his companions Rose or Martha. These books would be excellent additions to the collection of any Whovian.

Rewatch the Show

When there is nothing else left to do, you could always try to re-watch the show. It is always extremely satisfying going all the way back to the start of something and see how much the show has changed. From revisiting old plots that were your favorite at the time to simply seeing how much the actors have grown, re-watching a TV show can be extremely fun for any fan.

You might need to take a little break before you try to watch it but that is completely understandable. Over-saturating yourself with something you love could lead you to becoming tired of it. Instead, if you take a little break and then go back to revisit it after a month or so, you might fall in love all over again. Get ready to dive into your favorite show in a new way; just because it isn’t airing doesn’t mean you can’t love it!