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Upcoming Magnolia Network Preview on Discovery Next Week

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  • Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines (PREMIERE episodes) 
    • Logline: Infused with her warmth and passion for all things family, Joanna Gaines spends time in the kitchen sharing her favorite recipes, where they come from and why she finds herself returning to them time and time again.
    • Episode Descriptions:
      • “A Family Tradition” – Joanna shares a cherished family favorite — Grandpa Stevens’ classic Lebanese dish, fatayer.
      • “A Friendsgiving Feast” – Joanna makes casserole, cranberry sauce, green bean amandine and dessert for Friendsgiving.
      • “Homemade Comfort Food” – Joanna pairs parmesan chicken and fettuccine alfredo with an arugula salad and tiramisu.
  • The Making of Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines: In this one-hour special, Chip and Joanna transform a historic gristmill into the stunning home of Joanna’s new cooking show. **Companion special to Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines**
  • Magnolia Network Series Previews (ONE episode each)
  1. Growing Floret: Erin and Chris Benzakein have spent the last decade building their family-run business, Floret Farms, in the fertile Skagit River Valley of Washington State. Now, they’re risking everything to add and rehabilitate 24 new acres and expand the business.
  2. The Lost KitchenErin French followed her passion and opened a restaurant in her hometown of Freedom, Maine. Travelers from all over the world gather at The Lost Kitchen to enjoy Erin’s locally inspired and sourced menu.
  3. Family Dinner: Host Andrew Zimmern visits families across America to explore how the cultural, regional and historical facets of who we are inform what and how we eat.
  4. The Fieldhouse: At The Fieldhouse, physical and personal challenges are tackled head-on. Owner Justin Bane and his staff change lives by restoring and rehabilitating clients from the inside out at this cutting-edge fitness facility in Abilene, Texas.
  5. First Time Fixer: With a little help from Chip and Joanna, first-time house renovators take their home renovation dreams into their own hands and experience the risk and reward that comes with trying something new.
  6. Home on the Road with Johnnyswim: Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez of the musical duo Johnnyswim document their three-month, cross-country tour while juggling their growing family and finding new adventures in each city along the way.
  7. Homegrown: Atlanta-based farmer Jamila Norman helps families transform their outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional backyard farms while exploring the joy and benefits of growing your own food.
  8. Self Employed: Entrepreneur Jonathan Morris travels the country to share the inspirational stories and new challenges of small business owners and their journeys to building their dream jobs.
  9. Point of View: A Designer Profile: Giving a behind-the-curtain look into the mind of interior designers, this anthology series lets us in on their creative processes and introduces the inspirations and influences that shape their designs.
  10. Restoration Road with Clint Harp: Carpenter Clint Harp hits the road in search of incredible historical structures across the country that are in need of restoration, while exploring their origins and dreaming of their futures.
  11. Super Dad: Father and DIY expert Taylor Calmus, along with his team of skilled builders, help aspiring DIY dads turn their kids’ outrageous backyard dreams into playtime realities.
  • The Courage to Run with Chip Gaines and Gabe GrunewaldIn this documentary special, Chip Gaines fortuitously meets professional runner and rare cancer fighter Gabe Grunewald. Together they set out to train for a marathon and, along the way, find a friendship that alters Chip’s perspective forever.
  • Running on HopeIn this half-hour companion special to “The Courage to Run,” Justin Grunewald embarks on a new chapter in his life, spreading a message of hope through the Brave Like Gabe Foundation. **Companion special to The Courage to Run**
  • Magnolia Network: A Look Ahead: Chip and Jo share their excitement for Magnolia Network, coming soon. Get an exclusive first look at a portion of the show lineup announced in April 2019. **Previously aired April 2020 on DIY Network**
  • Road to Launch: In anticipation of the network’s launch, Chip and Joanna catch up with some of the extraordinary storytellers and highlight the exciting selection of shows coming to Magnolia Network. **Magnolia Network Social Series**
    • First 9 episodes include conversations with: Erin French, Brian Patrick Flynn, Justin Bane, Jonathan Morris, Erin & Chris Benzakein, Eduardo Garcia, Andrew Zimmern, Jamila Norman, Helen Parker & Paul O’Leary



  • Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines – NEW Episode
    • “Weekend Game Day Snacks” – Joanna prepares French onion dip, potatoes, Philly cheesesteak and brownies for the kids’ weekend.



  • Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines – NEW Episode
    • “Tried-and-True Appetizers” – Joanna whips up her favorite appetizers: cheese balls, baked brie, dip and homemade pretzels.



  • Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines – NEW Episode
    • “Biscuits!” – Joanna shares the recipe for the perfect buttery biscuit and all of her favorite ways to eat them.



  • Fixer Upper: Welcome Home – PREMIERE Episode
    • Logline: Chip and Jo are back with new ideas for turning outdated homes into jaw-dropping, innovative living spaces.  Having expanded their business (and their family), the Gaineses now juggle more while renovating, which keeps things unpredictable.
    • Episode Description:
      • “A Neglected Home For Newlyweds” – Chip and Jo help a newlywed couple turn their long-abandoned new house into a stunning updated home.



  • Fixer Upper: Welcome Home – NEW Episode
    • “Planting Roots in Waco” – Chip and Jo update a classic mid-century into a sleek, modern home for a young professional.



  • Fixer Upper: Welcome Home – NEW Episode
    • “Modern Take on Old-World Charm” – Chip and Jo help a first time homeowner update her 1950s home with modern, cozy European influences.



  • Fixer Upper: Welcome Home – NEW Episode
    • “Girls’ Home Reimagined” – Chip and Jo bring what they love most about “home” into their redesign of a local