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USATV Productions Announces New Crime Drama ‘Nova Vita’

No Specific Outlet Confirmed Yet

USATV Productions’ Bagrat and Vaagn Sargsyan, former News Corp Executive Marty Pompadur and E! founder Larry Namer, have announced an upcoming 10-episode crime drama called “Nova Vita.” Created by Bagrat and Vaagn Sargsyan, “Nova Vita” is  described as the story of two men, best friends Mark Davis (Jared Farid Ward) and Carter Hayes (Micah Hauptman), who work in the cryptocurrency business and find themselves in legal trouble. The only way to escape the consequences is to fake their own deaths with the help of a company named Nova Vita that helps billionaires to stage their deaths and create their new identities, appearances and lives. However, their families are torn apart and the FBI becomes involved. For these men, is it a new life or a new hell?

“We decided to announce the completed project now as we believe ‘Nova Vita’ will be a much welcomed escape for TV audiences around the world facing these difficult times,” says Bagrat Sargsyan. “The high concept thriller is a very popular genre with viewers, both young and  old. We can see what has resonated on Netflix, Amazon and HBO and ‘Nova Vuta’ will be a plug and play series for the right outlet.”

The series cast (in alphabetical order) includes Stephen Baldwin, Thomas Beaudoin, Reed Birney, Jonathan Camp, Raymond Cruz, Michel Gill, Micah Hauptman, Robert Knepper, Marci Miller, Dean Norris, Jenny Shakeshaft, Jared Farid Ward and Titus Welliver.

‘Nova Vita” is written by Scott Windhauser (“Hurricane Heist”), with directors of photography Pablo Diez (The Outsider, The Final Wish), AEC and Gevorg Sarkisian, music by Emmy-winning composer Frederik Wiedmann, and line producers Justin L. Anderson and Alina Sargsyan.