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What Are the Most Exciting Types of Social Media Advertising?

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The world has a large population of 7.9 billion people, whereas social media is a network of more than four billion people who are using it. As a marketer, you would want to gain something from these audiences. People using social media to share, see and create information as it is a free platform. So businesses are targeting the users to know their interest and target their product accordingly to generate income.

Businesses are selling their products and services; conversely, people get to know about new products that can be their need and want. So it’s a win-win situation for both parties. How can you reach these users who can be your potential customers? So let’s talk about that.

What is social media advertising?

Social media advertising refers to using Digital Advertising Platforms  to create an ad that will create awareness and generate sales for your business’s products and services. Social media platforms save your information about your interest, demographics, geographics so that they can target you for their brand’s services. Therefore, you can call social media advertising with another name: social media targeting, which targets users as per their interests and behaviors. As a result, Social Media Agency effectively provides better results to their clients like returns on investment and awareness.

Benefits of social media advertising:

  • Social media ads take less time and effort to generate sales of your products, whereas, in traditional marketing, a sales person’s efforts are required to generate sales.
  • Due to the uncountable advantages of social media, social ad spending doubled from $17billion in 2015 to $33 billion in 2017.

Different kinds of social media platforms-

Now I will tell you about social media platforms to serve ads for businesses. Below mentioned are types of social media platforms to deliver ads-

Social networking-

Under this kind, Facebook, Linked In, Google + are social networking platforms that can form ads to deliver.


Microblogging is the act of creating a short post with limited words for interaction with the audience. Twitter and Tumblr are platforms of microblogging.’

Photo Sharing-

When you share a post in the form of an image or a photo of your choice on social media platforms it comes under photo sharing. Instagram, snapchat, Pinterest are platforms where people love to share photos and pictures.

Platforms for e-commerce advertising-

There are six various platforms to advertise for your e-commerce business to get a high return on investment.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat

Facebook advertising-

Facebook has a quarter of the world’s population with 2 billion monthly users. It provides an exceptional opportunity to reach everywhere and to anyone. Social media advertising campaigns include content like-

  • Ebooks
  • Discounts
  • Coupons
  • Giveaways
  • Free shipping

Most online businesses use bundled products in an ad to grab the audience’s attention, which will let them earn an immediate conversion. Social Media Agency can get you surety of high conversion rate if you use their services.

Instagram advertising-

  • Instagram has 1 billion active users, and they are increasing day by day. The audience engagement of Instagram is 58%higher than Facebook. If we talk in comparison with Twitter, Instagram’s interaction rate is 2000% greater than Twitter.
  • Establishing an online store on Instagram is very easy; moreover, if we talk about advertising, it is very effortless. What you need for that is a good brand of quality products and capital in your hand. Social Media Agency can advertise and form strategies to advertise your brand’s offerings as they are a workforce of experts. Establishing an Instagram campaign is quite similar to Facebook campaigns.

Instagram tactics for advertisements:

  • Firstly focus on custom audiences
  • When you can enhance past custom audiences, the next step is to find a similar audience.
  • Use custom images of real people
  • Usage of hashtags for reach maximization
  • Make your offerings compelling

Social Media Agency can make ads of your targeted customer effectively on your Instagram profile.

Twitter advertising-

Twitter advertising is the best platform when it comes to organic interaction and engagement with an audience. Twitter says that 60% of users purchase SMB (server message block). Ecommerce businesses consider Twitter ads as a way to increase brand awareness and promotion of their services. The limit of character you can use is 280, so choose your character wisely with good media content. Social Media Agency is professionals when it comes to making an advertisement about businesses. They do it for you for awareness and engagement.

Twitter advertising campaigns:

  • Promoted accounts
  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted trends 
  • Website cards

Pinterest advertising-

Pinterest is known for e-commerce sales. It is referred to as a great platform to get leads and conversions. Why choose Pinterest? You can read the below-mentioned point to know the reason.

  • High engagement
  • The built quality of images is around custom product creation.
  • It knows about users’ intentions, and it shows them products and services accordingly.

Linkedin advertising

  • It is a unique platform that is primarily for the business to business market. In an estimation, LinkedIn has 227 million active users. More than 60%of users fall into the age group of 30-65.
  • Linkedin is highly suitable for business to business advertising.  The success rate is higher for service businesses and B2B product businesses than business-to-customer retailers. Social Media Agency can handle every kind of platform to bring out the desired result. Many also engage in organic following while one can also buy linkedin followers for a fast growth and following.

The Linkedin advertising campaign includes three types of ads-

  • Sponsored content
  • Sponsored mail
  • Text ads

Snapchat advertising-

More than 300 million active users are on the snapchat platform. It has a highly active user base after Instagram. The young people in the age group of 18-34 are active users and interact daily on snapchat.

How is snapchat advertising priced? let’s see

  • Snap ads- Interactive video ads to get a swipe up from users.
  • Sponsored lenses-  lenses are fun and engaging. It allows brands to create lenses for users to play and spend more time on this platform.
  • Snapchat discovers- Snapchat puts ads of brands in user’s app feeds.
  • Sponsored local geofilters- these are creative texts that users can add to their stories and streaks.