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Why Are More Businesses On Instagram Today?

Today, Instagram has been a fashionable platform where many people would like to share their life moments and interact with people from all over the world. This year, because a great push to online business. Instagram is also becoming a heaven for online businesses promoting. Why so many merchants choose to boost their products or services on Instagram? There are 4 main reasons result in Instagram’s popularity among businesses.

1. Instagram Updated Beneficial Features for Business

Instagram always keeps updating its features to suit the current needs and satisfy users’ demands. This year, the obvious changes of Instagram’s enhancement are turning towards to help businesses to locate on the platform. So actually, several core updates of Instagram in 2020 bring benefits to online business for earning more profits. Here are some of them:

* Instagram Online Store
Facebook has released Facebook Shops (online shopping platform) to its platform, and now this feature also comes to Instagram. With such function, brands can build a list of products in their Instagram online store and connect with their Instagram accounts’ profiles as well as posts. When shoppers access the link, they can click into the store and browse the products or services they need.

* Products on Instagram Explore

The listed products will also be added to Instagram’s Explore section. When users turn to Explore and browse the “Shopping” module, they can access the trending products listed here for doing online shopping conveniently.

* IGTV Ads and Badges Purchase

IGTV provides a place for Instagram users to do online streaming. For streamers, a good news is now Instagram embeds ads to IGTV video streaming for users to make money from their original streaming content! In addition, audiences can purchase badges for encouraging the streamers as a way to “tip” them. Anyway, IGTV has made streamers have more ways to monetize through their streaming content.

* Live Shopping

Except for IGTV streaming, Instagram also allows businesses to introduce their products through the newly-launched live shopping function. So merchants can show their products here and people can directly purchase the products by clicking the buy icon provided. It also offers a “Try It On” function to let people experience the products using AI technology. This is user-friendly, especially for purchasing makeup product!

2. Easier Startup for Business on Instagram

To enable more brands and businesses to be launched on Instagram, it makes the process of becoming a money-maker on the platform as simple as possible. Unlike Facebook, which requires complicated verified steps to get a business account, applying for Instagram for Business account is simple. In the next, you can see the produce of how to apply for Instagram Business account or turn your personal account to the business one.

How to Set up Instagram Business Account

Step 1. To get started with Instagram Business, you need to download and install Instagram app to your device in advance.

Step 2. Open Instagram and you need to login with an account. You can also use your Facebook account for login Instagram. But if you haven’t gotten any account or you want to set a new one, just go to sign up for a new one.

Step 3. When you have login Instagram, you need to go to your profile inside the app. Then, go to “Settings” > “Account” > “Switch to Business Profile” and create it if you don’t have an account before.

Step 4. Now you have turned to your business account and you can begin to add details for it. For example, the contact information, business category, store hours, and so on.

Step 5. When your business account is prepared, start to post your products and services to it for every one to browse!

3. More Ways to Expose Your Brands and Products

Another benefit that Instagram can bring to brands is that this is a platform which mainly focuses on photos and videos, so using these trending ways to expose products is the most direct way. In addition, because more and more businesses are using video format to introduce their products. And on Instagram, where provides different but all excellent ways to introduce your products such as through IGTV. Live shopping, Instagram Story. It can just bring more potential consumers to you.

Instagram is also a good heaven for finding ideal product video advertising materials as references if you just a starter on promoting your business on Instagram. Professional Instagram video downloader like VideoHunter can bring you outstanding help.

4. Larger User Group on Instagram

Because Instagram is becoming a trending social media platform, not only for the youths but also for more people covering all ages. According to the official data, today, there are up to 60% of users have the habits in discovering new products on Instagram. In addition, about 80% of Instagram users have at least one brand account in their following lists.

Moreover, it also shows that there are 1/3 of the most viewed stories are launched for businesses. From all the data, it clearly shows that Instagram now becomes a reliable and trending place for boosting online businesses.

After reading this blog, probably you have known why there are more and more merchants launch their businesses on Instagram today. Except for brands, influencers also consider Instagram a good place to earn profit. You can also start from now and start your Instagram business gradually!