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Why Newbies Should Look for Free Spin Offers at Online Casinos

When you are a new player there is some sort of a learning curve associated with online casinos. You have to learn about the rules, the games, and something that is unique to online casinos – bonuses and promo offers.

Free spin bonuses are one of the most common offers you will find at online casinos. They are a fantastic option for beginners for a host of reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Slots are simple and free spins are slots-only

This right here is a pretty straightforward reason why newbies should make a beeline for free spin offers. Video slots are incredibly popular because they require next to no practice or learning curves.

Beginners can just jump right in and start playing. Your chances of winning big are not based on your skills or knowledge of the game. So as a beginner, you should focus more on these games at an online casino.

And as far as casino bonuses go, free spin offers are utterly focused on slots. In fact, they wouldn’t exist if there were no video slots. Twitch has cottoned on to the fact that slots are where the action is.

2. The chance to play exclusive new titles

Casinos are always looking to promote new games in order to attract players. Free spin bonuses at many casinos are often restricted to specific titles.

Often these are the latest video slots from top developers like Netent and Microgaming, with exclusive movie and TV franchise themes. For example

• The Dark Knight Rises.
• Gladiator.
• Jurassic Park.
• King Kong.
• Frankenstein.
• Bridesmaids.

If you are a beginner at an online casino games section, you can feel a bit overwhelmed. There are usually hundreds of slots games (especially if you are at a multi-vendor casino that supports games from big names like Microgaming and Netent.) and you probably have no idea about the good games and the mediocre ones.

With free spin bonuses, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the title. More often than not, the bonuses are tied to the best games at the casino.

3. Wagering requirements are much simpler

In general, new players have a hard time grasping the basics of wagering requirements, which are conditions whereby you have to bet x times your bonus before you are free to withdraw funds.

In free spin bonuses, wagering requirements are easy to keep track of. They are only applicable to any credits you win during the free spins.

In contrast, cash deposit bonuses have an additional component – wagering is applicable on your deposit amount as well as your bonus wins. It adds another layer of complexity which is not ideal for beginners.

Take note however, that one weakness of free spin bonuses is that they usually have higher requirements than other bonuses. So you must always make it a point to choose free spins with the best wagering requirements.

4. They offer more value than other bonuses

Casinos offer only token amounts as no deposit bonus offers. After all, they are giving you free credits without even asking you to make a deposit from your end. If you pick a no deposit cash bonus, you might only get as much as $5 or $10 in free credits.

But when it comes to free spins, you can routinely see more 15 or 20 being given away by many casinos as a no deposit bonus. At max $1 bet value, you can get way more with free spins than other bonus types.

How to claim and use free spin bonuses

Depending on the type of free spin bonus and the casino, there are several ways in which you can claim a free spin bonus:

● Register at a casino using a bonus code to claim a no deposit free spin bonus
● Some casinos credit your no-deposit bonus automatically when you register
● Deposit a minimum amount of cash to claim a free spin bonus
● Check the casino promotions page to see terms & conditions

Playing with a free spin bonus is pretty simple – just head to the games library and pick a valid slots game. Many bonuses are tied to specific video slot titles – check the bonus terms to figure this out.

Load the game and start spinning. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the number of free spins you have left. If you win a cash prize during your free spins, you will have to wager that amount several times over.

For example, if the bonus has a wagering requirement of 40x, and you won $10 with your free spins, you will have place $400 worth of bets (40 x 10) before you are free to withdraw winnings. Chances are your win bonus will run out long before this requirement is met.

If that happens, you can quit playing and look at other casinos, or make a deposit and play with your own cash. You don’t have to worry about losing your cash due to a wagering requirement at a free spin bonus – only the winnings are targeted.

Don’t forget to stream your free spins sessions and big wins.

This is why beginners should stick with free spin bonuses. They are simple, easy to understand, and even easier to play with. And the best part – they are free!