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How to Take Advantage of Instagram Insights

Instagram has gone through several changes in the last few years. Feed changes, algorithm improvements, and a variety of updates have almost customized the content you want to see. One of the most significant changes that Instagram introduced lately is “Insights.” This allows the users to view the analytics measuring their content performance to help understand their audience better. For example, you can get an idea of what your followers want to see in your posts, what they like or dislike, and what content they genuinely enjoy and want to see similar posts again. This information will help you determine what to post on Instagram to reach the maximum engagement rate. The more likes your posts receive, the more visible you become within the platform.

Meaning of Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights have a variety of graphs, terms, numbers and services that are essentially the metrics determining the performance of your posts. But before you worry about the terms, you need to access your Instagram Insights by navigating to your profile page, tap on top where your profile visits are displayed, then tap on the top right corner to find Insights.

This section is divided into three tabs: content, activity, and audience. Activity is further divided into two sections: discovery and interaction. Interactions include the details about website clicks, profile visits, calls, and emails. Users tapping on each one of these details on your page are recorded by Instagram Insights.

Discovery, on the other hand, reveals reach and impression which shows the number of accounts that viewed your posts and the number of times that all your posts were seen. This is crucial because you can increase this number by getting more Instagram followers free. It also answers the questions of many enthusiastic users about why you need to buy Instagram likes to promote your products. As you compare your promotional campaigns, you can check the graph that shows the increase in the follower list after acquiring more likes.

Instagram Insights Content

The content tab in Instagram Insights provides details on individual posts from your profile including video and photo content. It also contains all your paid posts too. This section has three parts: Stories, Feeds, and Promotions. Feed Includes information on your content feed on your profile for the last two years. From calls to follows to likes, all details are gathered here.

Similarly, stories contain the posts you shared as Stories with your followers. It includes details like impressions, replies, next story, and so on. Lastly, the promotions tab contains the paid posts from your account. It records gender, location, age, engagement, profile visits, and reach of the users.

Instagram Insights Audience

This is the last tab under Instagram Insights that gives you an idea about who your followers are, where they live, and if the number of followers has increased or decreased from last week. This section has four metrics such as age range, gender, followers, and top locations. The audience tab is the most important as it gives information about the followers that matter to your profile. You not only know who follows you but also the time when these followers are most active. You can schedule your Instagram posts according to their timings to get maximum views.

Like many features, Instagram Insights will help businesses and individuals to get more organic followers. Without question, this should be added to your marketing arsenal, allowing you to reach your target audience quickly and provide the exact content they want to see. And an option called Instagram Photo Downloader allows you to download all photos in a quick and efficient capacity.