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‘SNL’: New York City Mayor Eric Adams Talks to the Press

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In a skit on the January 15, 2022 edition of NBC’s “SNL” (“Saturday Night Live“), New York City Mayor Eric Adams (Chris Redd) takes questions at a press conference. He handed out nicknames like “Squirrel” and “Slim Shady” to the reporters asking him tough questions. Adams repeatedly reminded them he used to be a cop, once noting he was one for “97 years”, then later for “222 years.”

During the press conference, City Hall spokesperson Emily Hernandez (“West Side Story” star/host Ariana Debose) defended Adams saying “This man, he is not Bill de Blasio — he WILL kick your ass!”” Adams added, “Now she’s joking but she’s from The Bronx, so is she?”

Watch the Eric Adams press conference skit from “SNL” in its entirety below: