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Yahoo Closes Down Yahoo Stream

Streaming Service Could Not Compete with Netflix, Amazon or Hulu

Yahoo Screen, the on-demand streaming service and digital home of the new season of former NBC sitcom “Community,” has been shut down by Yahoo. Launched in 2013, Yahoo Screen was a place to house both original programming (like “Sin City Saints” and “Outer Space” and high-profile shows from established networks). But Yahoo Stream, unfortunately, could not compete with heavy hitters like Netflix and Amazon despite licensing deals with Viacom for Comedy Central shows. Its remaining video efforts will redirect to its homepage, and to its existing online verticals like Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Sports. Katie Couric is expected to do her daily news show under the Yahoo News umbrella.

The official statement from Yahoo is as follows:

At Yahoo, we’re constantly reviewing and iterating on our products as we strive to create the best user experience. With that in mind, video content from Yahoo as well as our partners has been transitioned from Yahoo Screen to our Digital Magazine properties so users can discover complementary content in one place.